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The Boomerang Association of Australia acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

Welcome to the Boomerang Association of Australia. Sport boomerang throwing is in Australia and has been since the 1970's. Sport boomerangs are also thrown all over the world with new countries joining yearly. If you’re an Athlete, artist, craftsman, hobby enthusiast or new to boomerangs, you can learn all about it here. We can help you buy genuine returning boomerangs from Australian manufacturers. We can also help you make and throw boomerangs.


Boomerangs are making a comeback!

May your Christmas be filled with joy, love and happiness!

Warm regards to you and your family.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2023.

Indo-Australia Boomerang Championships

For the 1st time in sport boomerang throwing history!

Congratulations Team Australia

Australian has won the 1st Indo-Australia tournament!

Congratulations to both teams.

Australia would like to thank the Indo Boomerang Association for holding a great event and welcoming us to India, it was a great experience. 


Australian National Championships 
17th & 18th September 2022 N.S.W

After a last minute venue change the 2022 Australian National Championships got underway. The weather started fine with calm winds, mid way through the first event the winds increased and stayed that way for the rest of the day. Some throwers were lucky enough to score well when there were brief calm moments and by the end of the day it was even too windy for Australian round and trick catch was reduced to two rounds of single catch with trick doubling cancelled. Overall we all had a great day with new throwers competing and other that just come to watch joined in, in Accuracy, Endurance and on the Sunday Fun day.
Congratulations to all who braved the conditions, those took out 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each event and overall and to those who had a throw for the first time. The final results are.

EVENTS                 1st Place                                           2nd Place                                             3rd Place
Trick Catch
Fast Catch
Australian Round
Chris Johnson (WA) 
Thom Szartowicz (Germany) 
Mathew Barker (WA) 
Grant Perry (WA) 
Michael Towell (NSW) 
Takeshi Honda (NSW) 
Grant Perry (WA) 
Takeshi Honda (NSW) 
Roger Perry(WA) 
Josef Rosenthal (Germany) 
Rob Croll (VIC) 
Juan Bustamante (QLD) 
Tom Szartowicz (Germany) 
Grant Perry (WA) 
Juan Bustamante (QLD) 
Takeshi Honda (NSW) 
Roger Perry (WA) 
Josef Rosenthal (Germany) 
WBC 2022.jpg

World Boomerang Championships 2022

August 15th - 26th. Bordeaux, France


 Congratulations to Team USA 1, Radline. Winners of the World Boomerang Championship Team competition.

 After 4 days of competition they were able to successfully defend the 2018 title. Official results are:

**Please note these results don't include the International teams - Boomergang and the Veterans International team.

 Results will be replaced once supplied from the organisers, the inclusion doesn't change the overall winner as only Nation teams can officially win, but all teams should be acknowledged for the dedication each thrower puts into this sport. 

 Individual Competition

 Congratulations to the new world champion Andre Caixeta from Brazil, now a two-time world champion.








 Long Distance

 Congratulations Manuel Schuetz from Switzerland won long distance with a throw of 147 m.

 Special mention to Denis Suprana from Indonesia for placing 3rd at his first World Comp.

 Final placing for those making a throw 100 metres:

 Manuel Schuetz (Switzerland), 147 meters

 Olivier Dupret (France), 141 meters

 Denis Suprana (Indonesia), 139 meters

 Mateo Guerrero (France), 128 meters

 Laurent Garnier (France),128 meters

 Guillem Parman (France), 119 meters

 Alejo Palacio (Spain), 117 meters

 Marie Appriou (France), 116 meters

 Anthony Gelin (France), 114 meters

 Uwe Kitzberger, 103 meters

 Adam Maclaughlin (Great Britain), 101 meters


2022 Individual Top 3

Top 10 Individual Placings:

1st Andre Caixeta (Brazil)

2nd Manuel Schuetz (Switzerland)

3rd Logan Broadbent (USA)

4th Richard Bower (USA)

5th Stephan Spirgi (Switzerland) 

6th Frido Frost (Germany)

7th Daniel Bower (USA)

8th Eduardo Misticco (Brazil)

9th Alex Opri (Germany)

10th Klause Habe (Germay)

Australian Individual Placings:

22nd Takeshi Honda (Japan/NSW)

35th Roger Perry (Western Australia)

64th Rob Croll (Victoria)

65th Chrissy Metzakis (Western Australia)

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Boomerang Fields
Around the World.

Looking for a suitable throwing field around the world? Our friend and fellow thrower Adam McLaughlin  from the United Kingdom has created a google map showing some of the best spots for throwing. (being updated regularly).

You may even see  throwers in action when they are out for a social/practise throw or even a competition.

Be sure to stop by and say Hello (click on map)

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Looking for a genuine returning boomerang?

We have manufacturers throughout Australia to help you get the right boomerang for you or the perfect gift.

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