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The oldest and simplest of the boomerang sport. Throw from the centre circle, to or past the twenty metre circle, and collect accuracy points depending on where the boomerang returns and lands. You are not allowed to touch or stop the boomerang when it returns. a perfect round is 50 points, five throw, each can score a maximum of 10 points.


Australian Mens Record - Adam Carroll, Rob Croll & Morris Maxwell 48 points

Australian Ladies Record - Margaret Patterson 41 points

World Mens Record - Thomas Stehrenberger, SWITZERLAND 68 points

World Ladies Record - Laura Smucker, USA 57 points

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Sometimes called Aussie Round, is one of the harder events to throw. It involves distance, accuracy and catching all in a single throw. The throw is made from the bullseye and is awarded points for completing a catch, accuracy of the catch, and distance of the throw.

A perfect throw would travel past the fifty metre circle (6 distance points) and be caught (4 catching points) in the centre circle (10 accuracy points). 

Australian Mens Record - Tim Lendrum 96 points

Australian Ladies Record - Margaret Patterson 72 points

World Mens Record - Fridolin Frost, GERMANY 99 points

World Ladies Record - Betsylew Miale-Gix, USA 95 points

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Endurance is a simple yet exhausting event. Following the same rules as fast catch, the thrower starts in the bulls eye and throws a boomerang a minimum of 20 meters, catches the boomerang, returns to the bullseye if needed and throws again. Score is kept by the number of catches made in five minutes. A fast and accurate boomerang is helpful.

Australian Mens Record - Roger Perry 62 catches

Australian Ladies Record - Christene Metzakis 27 catches

World Mens Record - Manual Schuetz, SWITZERLAND 81 catches

World Ladies Record - Betsylew Miale-Gix, USA 68 catches

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Fast catch is about speed:  how long does it take you to make five throws and catches.  For this event a fast boomerang is used and the thrower starts in the bullseye and throws.  The boomerang must travel 20 meters and be caught to count.  Once caught the boomerang may be thrown again from the bullseye.  Time starts on the first throw and stops after reaching the bullseye after five catches. Accuracy and speed combine for the fastest time. 

Australian Mens Record - Bruce Carter 18.88 seconds

Australian Ladies Record - Chrissy Metzakis 26.84 seconds

World Mens Record - Manuel Schuetz, SWITZERLAND 14.07 seconds

World Ladies Record - Betsylew Miale-Gix, USA 17.81 seconds

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MTA (Maximum Time Aloft

Maximum Time Aloft (MTA) is an event where the object is to have your boomerang stay in the air as long as possible. In the MTA 100 event, the boomerang must be thrown and caught within the 50 meter ring providing a maximum of 100 meters of space. In the unlimited version of the event, there is no distance restriction on how far the boomerang travels once thrown. MTA 100 is the event most commonly thrown at tournaments and allows for five throws, of which the best three catches times are added together for your score. This event uses a very special boomerang and can be harder to throw.

Australian Mens Record - Chris Johnson 1 minute 34.86 seconds

Australian Ladies Record - Louise Molluso 25.11 seconds

World Mens Record - Nick Citoli, USA 2 minutes 19.10 seconds

World Ladies Record - Sonia Appriou, FRANCE 1 minute 19.15 seconds

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Trick Catch and Doubling used to be separate events but have now been combined into a single event.  The first half involves throwing a single boomerang and making a series of increasingly harder catches.  Once complete the thrower then uses a pair of boomerangs, designed to be used together , to throw at the same time and catch both again with increasingly harder to make catches.  Points are awarded for a successful catch with harder catches being worth more points.

Australian Mens Record - Takeshi Honda 117 points

Australian Ladies Record - Chrissy Metzakis 35 points

World Mens Record - Manuel Schuetz, SWITZERLAND 533 points

World Ladies Record - Marie Appriou, FRANCE 92 points


Australian Mens Record - David Schummy 174 metres

Australian Ladies Record - N/A

World Mens Record - Manuel Schuetz, SWITZERLAND 238 metres

World Ladies Record - Karen Dawson, USA & Marie Appriou, FRANCE 124 metres

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