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Are you are looking for a genuine returning boomerang? This is the best place to start. We have manufactures around Australia that make a large variety of boomerangs. If you are looking for something to hang on the wall, send overseas or to throw we can help.

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VICTORIABoomerang Academy of Victoria
The Boomerang Academy of Victoria is owned and operated by champion thrower Bruce Carter.  Bruce has competed internationally for over 20 years and was a member of the Australian team at the Inaugural World Boomerang Championships in 1988.

Boomerang Academy of Victoria’s extensive range of boomerangs are sourced from some of Australia’s premier boomerang craftsmen.  Their high performance boomerangs are known in the industry as top quality boomerangs you can rely on.

VICTORIA: Boomerang Craftsman Australia

Rob Croll, twice World and ten times Australian Boomerang Throwing Champion Sell a large range of boomerangs and didgeridoos and have an enormous range of authentic artefacts and  also have  bric-a-brac for sale.

Displays of aboriginal and tribal artefacts and paintings are available to view at Wantirna South by appointment.

VICTORIA: FlyingToyz

FlyingToyz Boomerangs is based in Melbourne, Australia, and specializes in the manufacture and distribution of boomerangs.
Ross and Candace Robertson started handcrafting boomerangs in 1993 on Waiheke Island, New Zealand leading to the creation of FlyingToyz Boomerangs. Ross Robertson, a pilot, designs the boomerangs with a background of aerodynamics. In 2016 FlyingToyz, directors Ross (Australian) and Candace(New Zealander) returned to Australia - the land of boomerangs!

VICTORIAWycheproof Boomerangs 

Wycheproof is a small country town in Victoria, Australia. Wycheproof Boomerangs began in 1973 by Bernard Read (Bunny) in Wycheproof. Bunny had been throwing boomerangs for 13 years before commencing business making his own boomerang range.

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Rangs Boomerangs 

Roger's range of products occupies the full range of prices, from low cost “fun” products to beautifully hand-crafted wooden boomerangs, all of which are guaranteed to return when thrown as directed. While there is a range of skill and strength required to master the various models, making them appealing to adults and older children, none are beyond the capacity of a well-coordinated ten year old. The short range models can even be successfully thrown by a three year old!

Innovation is one of the keynotes of this company and we regularly release new products as well as updating and improving the appearance and presentation of existing models.

TASMANIA: One Boomerangs 

All ONE Boomerangs are made in Australia from the finest engineering plastics. All of the boomerangs on the site have been developed over a 30 plus year time period, this guarantees you will be receiving a real returning boomerang made by boomerang expert Adam Carroll

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